Added New Utility ‘Network Send Keys’ and Added License

I’ve added a new utility to my site. Network Send Keys is a program that lets you have hotkeys that send key presses to a local application and the same application on networked computers. I also added a License to the page that basically says do whatever you want just give me credit and don’t …

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Updated About Page

I have updated the about page to list my other goal with this web site of trying out the whole blog, articles and others idea. Thus far the articles far has worked fairly well. The blog part though not so much. I just have site updates and no real blog content.

Added Forum

I’ve now added a forum for commenting on the articles and the web site. I think a forum is better then the WordPress comments for the pages. I haven’t decided yet about blog comments.

Site Update

Updates: Known Folders renamed to “Working with Known Folders”. Added page “Working with Known Folders/Shortcuts” to list all the shell protocol shortcuts with descriptions and the lowest supported OS. Renamed “Restore Deleted Windows Sidebar Gadget” to “Restore Default Windows Sidebar Gadgets” and updated article to be more detailed and added some screen shots.