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Sometimes you have a program you trust a program with elevated privileges and you want to bypass the UAC prompt.
This article lists how to do that.

Open Task Scheduler

Click Start.
Right click on Computer and click Manage.
On Windows Vista you will see a UAC prompt asking to allow “Computer Management” to run where you need to Click Continue to open “Computer Management”.
On Windows 7 and up “Computer Management” will open without a UAC prompt.
Click “Task Scheduler” on the left.

Create an Elevated Task

Click “Create Task” on the right.


Type a Name for the task.
You can also type a description if you want to.
Click “Run with highest privileges”.

When to run the task

Depending on which you want follow that section.

To run when you login

Click Triggers at the top.
Click New.
Select “At log on” under begin task.
Select “Specific User Or Group”. This ensures the task only runs at log on for you and not all users. Running for all users would be a security risk due to the program running under your User Account with Administrative Access.
Click Ok.
Now scroll down to the what to run section.

To run with a shortcut

Open the folder you want a shortcut in.
Right click in the folder, move over New and click “Shortcut…”.
In the box type: schtasks.exe /run /tn “TaskName” where TaskName is the name of task you put in on the basics tab and click next.
Type a name for the shortcut and click Finish.
Now you have a shortcut. It doesn’t work yet though.
Close the folder and switch back to the Task Scheduler Window.

What to run

Click Actions at the top.
Click “New…”.
Put the path of the program in the “Program/script” box.
Click Ok.


Click the Conditions tab.
Uncheck “Start the task only if the computer is on AC power” unless you want that to happen.
Click the Settings tab.
Uncheck “Stop the task if it runs longer then”.


Click Ok.
Now the task will run elevated and either on demand with a shortcut or on log on.
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