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= Web Site =
== Introduction ==
There is a web site with various things I find interesting and howtos, utilites, problem fixes, tweaks and others.
== Goal ==
The goal of this web site is to:
1. Provide knowledge, programs and other things I know about to help other people.
2. Try out the whole putting up a web site with a blog, articles and other stuff idea.
=Me =
== Bio ==
Name: Justin
Age: 22
Location: Central United States
Job: None at the moment
Email: Listed on page.
== Site Profiles ==
Sites I’m registered on and my nicknames on them.


Web SiteNickname
Apache Lounge Forumjd2066
AutoIt Script Forumsjd2066
BrandonTools Forumjd2066
Experts Exchangejd2066
Free Lunch Design Forumjd2066
Gentoo Forumsjd2066
Howard Forumsjd2066
How-To Geekjd2066
Nodaddy Forumsjd2066
Quicken Communityjd2066
Schedules Direct Forumsjd2066

=== Notes ===
1. Just because I’m registered at a site doesn’t mean I use it that often. Like Experts Exchange as it has a horrible looking web site that is slow so I hardly ever use it. How-To Forums is the only one I check daily.
2. If my profile is not listed here then any users with my nicknames are probably not me.
You can email me to find out which is the case.