Recent Site Activity

Here is some recent site activity:
The readers from FeedBurner went from 1 up to 4 and then down to 3 then 2 then 1 again.
The forum has one new member and no new posts. At this pretty much nothing post rate I’m starting to wonder why I even have a forum. I’ll still keep it though, maybe it will have more posts in the future.
My logs show a few more people have downloaded the WPFVAUAS_Daemon utility. Of which I need to find a better name for. The current one is hard to type and remember.
A few views of the pages and downloads of files from links on the How-To Geek forum. Makes since as that is the only place with links to my site at the moment.

Edit: Corrected name of utility. It was listed as wpafvaas_daemon a name it might have been not what I picked.