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= Introduction =
This is a page with various tweaks.
I don’t use all of them and I have not tested enough to know of any side effects they may cause.
I only know they do what they are for.

= Registry Tweaks =

== Open File Location Context Menu Item Removal (Windows Vista) ==
For Shortcut Files (.lnk, found on Desktop, Start Menu All Programs, Quick Launch, etc.) – [drain file 6 url Apply] [drain file 7 url Revert] For Search Results (Results that appear from search in Search Menu, File Browsing, etc.) – [drain file 4 url Apply] [drain file 5 url Revert] == New Menu Item Changes ==
Interactual Skin – [drain file 17 url Add] [drain file 18 url Remove] Word 97-2003 Document – [drain file 19 url Add] [drain file 20 url Remove] == Drive Menu Item Changes ==
Disk Cleanup – [drain file 23 url Add] [drain file 24 url Remove] == Control Panel (Windows Vista) ==
Rename “Programs and Features” to “Add/Remove Programs” – [drain file 25 url Apply] [drain file 26 url Revert]