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= Introduction =
It can be helpful to generate a report of the hardware in your computer to help find drivers.
This article will use Everest Ultimate for that as it seems to get the most detailed information.
= Generate Report =
1. Download and install Everest Ultimate
2. Run Everest Ultimate.
3. Click the Report button.
4. Click Next.
5. Click “Hardware-related pages” and Click Next.
6. Click “Plain Text” and click Next.
7. When the “Report – EVEREST” window appears the report is done.
= Send Report to HTG Pastebin =
1. Right click on the text listed as “[ EVEREST Ultimate Edition ]” and select all.
2. Right click again and click copy.
3. Goto the site
4. Right click on the big text box and click paste.
5. Type a nickname under “Your name”.
6. Click “Remember me”.
7. Click “a month”.