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It can be helpful to generate a report of the hardware in your computer to help find drivers.
This article will use Everest Ultimate for that as it seems to get the most detailed information.

Generate Report

1. Download and install Everest Ultimate
2. Run Everest Ultimate.
3. Click the Report button.
4. Click Next.
5. Click “Hardware-related pages” and Click Next.
6. Click “Plain Text” and click Next.
7. When the “Report – EVEREST” window appears the report is done.

Send Report to HTG Pastebin

1. Right click on the text listed as “[ EVEREST Ultimate Edition ]” and select all.
2. Right click again and click copy.
3. Goto the site
4. Right click on the big text box and click paste.
5. Type a nickname under “Your name”.
6. Click “Remember me”.
7. Click “a month”.