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= Misc Scripts =
== WPFVAUAS Daemon ==
Binary: [drain file 2 url Main Executable] Source Code: [drain file 1 url Main] License: Custom, see below
Description: Daemon that watches for the “Windows Picture and Fax Viewer” program and changes the picture view to Actual Size when a picture is viewed. Handy if you don’t want the picture to be resized automatically when a picture is viewed. You can exit the daemon by pressing CTRL+WIN+E.
== Network Send Keys ==
Binaries: [drain file 13 url Server Executable] [drain file 11 url Client Executable] Source Code: [drain file 12 url Server] [drain file 10 url Client] Sample Config Files: [drain file 14 url Server – ProShow Producer] License: Custom, See below
Description: Lets you set hotkeys that send key presses to a local application and the same application on other networked computers.
How to use: Run the server on the computer with the keyboard being used and set up the keyboard hotkeys. There are sample file(s) above for some programs you can use. Note: You have to rename the sample file to NetworkSendKeys.ini to use it.
Run the client on the client computers. It doesn’t need any configuration.
Configuration File Format: The configuration file is named NetworkSendKeys.ini and is an INI file.
It has three sections:
Main – WinTitle and WinText. These values match the Window to send keys to. See AutoIt3 documentation for more.
ProgramSendKeys – This section maps program functions to the keys to send. Like Menu = {PGUP} to make the Menu command send the key page up.
Hotkeys – This section maps hot keys to program functions. Like {NUMPAD5} = Menu to make Numberpad key 0 press the defined menu key.

For more on the key format see the [ AutoIt3 Send Documentation].
Note: There are some keys that can’t be set as hotkeys, see the [ AutoIt3 SetHotKey Documentation].

= License =
You can use the utilities above for any purpose you want provided you:
1. Don’t take credit for the program. You must say this page is where you got the program and any programs based on the above scripts must say that are based on the versions on this page.
2. Don’t charge people to get the program except for distribution changes like the shipping, CD burning etc.
If you have an questions about that feel free to email me about it.