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= Introduction =
This page will have information about troubleshooting dual boot setup.
Note: At the moment this page is just to help users of the How-To Geek forum and not suitable for general use.

= Windows Boot Loader Information =
This shows how to get information about the current boot loader state.
Download and install VistaBootPro.
Click the “View Settings” button at the top.
Click the “Detailed” radio button.
Right click on the text box and click Select All.
Right click on the text box and click Copy.
Paste the results in a forum reply.
== Solve “Boot Drive” for “Windows XP” is “Unknown” ==
1. In VistaBootPro click “Manage OS Entries” at the top.
2. Click the “Microsoft Windows XP” entry.
3. Click “Change Boot Drive” and select C:.
4. Click “Apply Updates”.
5. Reboot and see if the Windows XP entry works now.