Site Update

Ok. I’ve done a few updates to the site and will write about them now.
I updated my about page to list my actual age of 22. I decided I didn’t need to hide it for privacy reasons. I was just being paranoid.
Added a subscribe to blog sidebar section with FeedBurner button to show the amount of subscribed users to the blog feed. A whole 1 readers at the moment 🙂
Also I’ll think about adding email subscription if anyone wants it.
Added about section to sidebar. I now need to update it.
Removed Meta section as I’m the only WordPress user and I know the admin url.
Updated theme to replace WordPress comment links with forum links. I think the forum is more manageable then WordPress comments. Though as of yet I haven’t got any so I don’t really know for sure yet.
Updated stylesheet to expand sitebar size. It appears this broke the display on some blog pages. I’ll have to look in to this and figure out what happened.