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= Introduction =
This is a glossary of terms that are used by Geeks a lot that normal users won’t always know.

= Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) =
This refers to a Blue Screen Error. It’s official name is STOP Error.
I don’t really like it as that name is a bit negative and used many times as a reason to hate Windows when a Blue Screen is a useful feature. It’s the problem that caused a Blue Screen that is bad and many times that problem is the fault of a third-party driver not Windows.
A Blue Screen Error is caused by a failure of an installed driver that Windows can’t recover from at the time so Windows shuts down the computer and shows a Blue Screen to be safe.
A failure of an installed driver means that either there is a bug or conflict with the driver that is causing it to fail at certain times or there is a hardware problem causing the driver to fail.
Some hardware errors can be problems with RAM or the hard drive so that is why it’s best for Windows to shut down instead of keep running.